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This board is a simple parallel port breakout board that will make it easier to connect your stepper drivers to the computer. The screw terminal pin configuration is based on the one used for Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC). More info on EMC can be found at LinuxCNC.

This breakout board can also be used by TurboCNC, MACH2 or any cnc program that allows the individual assignment of parallel port I/O pins.

schematic (.pdf), layout (.pdf) and parts list (pdf).

(image coming soon)

Bare PC Board: $5.00

Use the following info to configure TurboCNC or MACH2 parallel port I/O pin assignment.

Parallel Port I/O Pin
Stepper Driver Connection
x direction
x step
y dir
y step
z dir
z step
w dir
w step
x,y,z home switch
x,y,z limit - switch
x,y,z limit + switch

turbocnc.ini - This is a generic TurboCNC configuration file that has been setup with the proper parallel port I/O pin assignment to be used with our breakout board. Copy this file into your TurboCNC directory. You will still need to modify certain TurboCNC settings to match your CNC machine configuration.

At this time, no assembled units or parts kit are available. Bare PC boards are in stock.

Please include $5 shipping and handling for destinations within the continental United States. All other areas, please us for shipping charges.

For those only interested in purchasing a single bare pcb board, shipping and handling can be avoided by sending us the cost of the pcb and include a self addressed stamped envelope with your order. Please attach three first class stamps to the envelope with your legible return address. We suggest using cardboard floppy disks envelopes that can be purchased at office supply stores. US only.

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