Welcome to our web site. EAS is a small two person company interested in robotics and electronics. Our interest in the field of robotics came about when we discovered the Handy Board on the web. During that time, the 68HC11 was our favorite micro having done many design projects with. We wanted a smaller version of the Handy Board, designed by MIT professor Fred Martin, and called ours the Finger Board, a fun play on words. A web site was created to see if others were interested in purchasing the Finger Board. Professor Fred Martin had complemented us on our version and added a link from his web page to ours. This increased our web traffic and kept us motivated. Since then we have expanded our scope to other processors, finding many of the newer micros just as interesting to work with.

Why are we doing this? We basically do this because electronics is fun. Over the years we have come up with many designs and projects. Having built many of them by hand, and frustrated with the homemade quality of the results, we decided to have the printed circuit boards manufactured instead. This makes each design easy to build, durable, reliable and very professional looking. Best of all we can make more than one board and know that it is identical. To offset costs, the extra spare boards are sold to the public. If there is continued interest, we roll over the money collected for the next set of printed circuit boards. Our boards are made by professional board houses and designed by us. We design boards for a living so not only do you get a professional looking board, but a proven and tested design.

We are usually busy with our own projects and prefer selling just the blank printed circuit boards. Having to stock and build boards requires too much resources for a small company. Our interests are in Robotics, Amateur Rocketry, CNC, Radio Control models, FPGA, Computers and practically anything that is related to science and technology. We will continue to come up with new designs that reflect our interests and projects we are currently working on.

Why buy from us? We have sold our products to many individuals, universities and companies all over the world since 1996. We think we provide a great product at a reasonable cost. We really do aim to please, and feel our products are well designed, especially since we use them ourselves.