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SpeedDaq is an external multi-range, 8 channel, 12bit analog to digital acquisition board for the IBM PC. It connects to the PC parallel port. Typical uses are high speed strip chart recording, data logging, process control, an electronic workbench, etc. When used with National Instruments Labview, it becomes a very versatile instrument for process control and data logging. With the supplied software libraries, you can create custom control and data logging applications in C, BASIC, and Excel.

SpeedDaq A/D board for the IBM PC

SpeedDaq interface circuits (.pdf).
Instructions manual.
SpeedDaq schematic (.pdf), layout (.pdf), and parts list.
Latest DLL driver and dll manual.
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12 bit, eight channel single ended input (4096 discrete points). Maxim197 data sheet
12-Bit Resolution, 1/2LSB Linearity
Software-Selectable Input Ranges: ±10V, ±5V, 0V to 10V, 0V to 5V
Fault-Protected Input Multiplexer (±16.5V)
8 Analog Input Channels
Single channel A/D sample speed: approximately 30,000 samples/sec using a Pentium 450. Depending on the speed of your computer, the actual sample rate may vary. Data acquisition speed test program written using Microsoft Quick Basic v4.5 calling C runtime QLB library.
Requires compatible bi-directional PC parallel port.

Power requirements:
Requires external 8 to 12volt DC supply.

2.25" long 2.1" wide .65" deep

Software drivers (Dos, Win95/98/ME only) and updates may be downloaded from our WEB site.


Bare PC Board: $10.00 (Click here for image)

No assembled units or parts kit are available, bare PC boards are in stock. SpeedDaq consists of only 12 parts plus pc board. These items can be purchased through most electronic supply vendors. You may be able to request a free sample of the max197 A/D chip from Maxim. With basic soldering skills, SpeedDaq can be assembled in less than an hour.

Please include $5 shipping and handling for destinations within the continental United States. All other areas, please us for shipping charges.

For those only interested in purchasing a single bare pcb board, shipping and handling can be avoided by sending us the cost of the pcb and include a self addressed stamped envelope with your order. Please attach three first class stamps to the envelope with your legible return address. We suggest using cardboard floppy disks envelopes that can be purchased at office supply stores. US only.